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Title: BRE Good Building Guides and Good Repair Guides on CD-ROM

Ref Code: AP242

Abstract1: The complete set of these two highly illustrated series of guides is now presented in the easily accessible PDF format on this single CD. Drawing on BRE site experience and research, each series provides clear technical advice, practical solutions and covers a range of subjects including; dampness and condensation, plumbing, windows and doors, tiling, energy efficiency, sound insulation, ventilation, frost damage, painting, plaster, floors, roofs, chimneys, wood rot and insect attack, flood damage, rain penetration, foundation movement, tree damage and more. (Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or later for Windows or Macintosh is required to run this CD.)

Contents: Good Building Guides 1 to 67 Good Repair Guides 1


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-925-4


Pages: 1100


To order online this publication visit www.ihsbrepress.com and type in the search box AP242