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Title: Recycling fibre reinforced polymers in construction
Subtitle: A guide to best practicable environmental option

Ref Code: BR467
Authors: A Conroy, S Halliwell, T Reynolds and A Waterman

Abstract1: Provides information on the disposal and recycling options for FRP waste, uses of FRP recyclate, ecocomposites, and composite recycling facilities. It enables you to make informed decisions about material choices at the specification stage, consider factors to enable easier deconstruction at the design stage and assess the disposal options at the end of the service life. Details legislation which will impact on choices for material re-use, recycling or disposal, discusses research into recyclability, describes products that can be manufactured from FRP recyclate, and presents a financial assessment for disposal and recycling options.



Year Published: 2004

ISBN: 978-1-86081-689-5


Pages: 48


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