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Title: Highly glazed buildings: assessing and managing the risks

Ref Code: BR482
Authors: J Ridal, J Reid and S Garvin

Abstract1: Highly glazed buildings are buildings that contain large amounts of glazing in the form of glass. The glazing can be at considerable height above ground level and can be vertical, horizontal, sloping or overhanging in aspect. Working with large amounts of glass, particularly at height, can present operatives with significant risk when, for example, installing, cleaning or replacing glass. This book presents risk-based guidance for practitioners for the safe glazing of highly glazed buildings. It deals primarily with the safety of workers involved in glazing work, and is mainly for use by construction professionals who are not necessarily expert in glazing issues. Common hazards and risks, assessment of them, and suitable risk management actions are presented in tabular format for the four main stages in the life cycle of such buildings design, construction, maintenance and deconstruction. A procedure and an associated worksheet for risk assessment and risk management are given.



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-760-1


Pages: 28


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