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Title: Repair it with effective partnering

Ref Code: BR484
Authors: J Prior and F Nowak

Abstract1: Guide to contractual relationships for cost effective responsive maintenance Maintenance and refurbishment account for just over half the UK construction spend of 25 billion (excluding infrastructure), and much of this is spent on responsive maintenance and minor works. Only 32% is spent on making the repair. Partnering can help property owners simplify their administrative processes and achieve cost effective responsive maintenance by reducing response times. Repair it with effective partnering brings together knowledge shared by a group of project partners with experience of partnering relationships with their contractors. The guide examines the issues and identifies the key processes involved. It provides practical advice on how to manage these processes effectively and sets out the benefits of partnering. This guide is aimed at property owners with responsibility for maintaining property, in particular those who want to take advantage of the benefits of partnering. It considers value for money in public procurement, sets out European and UK procurement rules which form the context of the contractual arrangements and considers the application of existing forms of partnering contracts. A set of case studies illustrates successful client and contractor relationships and examines how probity, quality control and cost control are managed.

Contents: Introduction Acknowledgements Introduction 1


Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-887-5


Pages: 60


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