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Title: Schools Design Forum Workshop 13 September 2006
Subtitle: A summary of the outputs from the workshop

Ref Code: BR492
Authors: BRE

Abstract1: The Schools Design Forum (SDF) is a new initiative by the BRE Trust and the Sustainable Development Commission to progress the aims of the government's Building Schools for the Future programme. The Forum brings together leading practitioners who are committed to bringing about a change in the way sustainability is understood, delivered and shared in schools. This report highlights the output from an SDF workshop held on 13 September 2006 at BRE, carefully structured to tackle the questions: - Where are we now? - Where would we like to be - How do we get there? Key findings from discussions involving 60 experts provide thought-provoking insights into how the built environment can play its part in making the learning environment more sustainable. The full verbatim responses are available in a companion publication BR491.

Contents: Introduction Where are we now? - Doorway 1: Food a


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-943-8


Pages: 16


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