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Title: Structural fire engineering design
Subtitle: Part 4. Materials behaviour - timber

Ref Code: DG487/4
Authors: J Bregulla

Abstract1: This is one of a suite of Digests containing guidance on structural fire engineering design. The intention is to produce performance based guidance that brings together fire engineering and structural engineering and provides a framework within which designers are free to develop site specific solutions based on real performance criteria. The Digests contain information complementary to the existing and emerging fire engineering codes and standards. Each may be used in isolation or as part of the full suite. Owing to its high thermal conductivity exposed steel will increase in temperature very quickly during a fire, losing strength and stiffness. The designer must ensure that any building will maintain its stability for a reasonable period should any accidental fire occur. This Digest presents the current available design tools to ensure stability of steel framed buildings during a fire.



Year Published: 2004

ISBN: 978-1-86081-723-6


Pages: 6


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