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Title: Factory glazed windows. Part 2 : Transport, storage and installation

Ref Code: DG497/2
Authors: D Kelly and S Garvin

Abstract1: Premature failure of an insulating glass unit (IGU) is often due to a rapid permeation of moisture through the edge seal and into the air gap of the unit. The reasons for premature failure investigated by BRE are numerous; these often originate with difficult conditions on building sites and include: * poor quality of window design * poor quality materials * poor glazing methods and poor quality of glazing workmanship * chemical degradation of glazing materials due to contact with reactive substances. * exposure of sealant materials to ultra violet radiation Many, if not most, of these causes of failure originate with poor site conditions. Part 2 of this Digest describes the packaging, transportation to site and storage of IGUs; their installation in buildings; and maintenance, and performance testing and monitoring.

Contents: Packaging Handling and storage after glazing Trans


Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-890-5


Pages: 8


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