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Title: BR135: Annex B
Subtitle: Performance criteria and classification method of BS 8414-2:2005

Ref Code: DG501
Authors: S Colwell

Abstract1: This Digest presents a new classification system for fire performance of cladding on multi-storey buildings. It extends the coverage in Annex A of BRE Report BR135 to cover cladding systems supported by a structural steel frame, in line with BS 8414-2:2002. Illustrated with detailed schematics and graphs to show a typical test facility and the location of thermocouples, it provides a concise outline of the test methodology and performance criteria for assessing the systems which use framed structures.

Contents: Test method - Background Principle of test Instrum


Year Published: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-86081-959-9


Pages: 4


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