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Title: Rammed earth: design and construction guidelines

Ref Code: EP62
Authors: P Walker, R Keable, J Martin and V Maniatidis

Abstract1: Rammed earth walling is a beautiful, durable building material with a long and successful tradition in the UK and around the world. For modern construction it offers a high-quality and sustainable building method suitable for a range of external and internal applications. Often using local materials, rammed earth buildings have characteristic textures and colours, with structural and thermal properties suited to a range of situations. Until now there has been no authoritative guidance on the use of rammed earth in the UK. This book presents state-of-the-art practical guidance on material selection, construction, structural design, architectural detailing, maintenance and repair of rammed earth. It contains numerous photos of rammed earth buildings in the UK, Europe, the USA, Africa and Australia, and includes construction details.The aim of the book is to inform, develop and encourage the use of rammed earth wall construction for housing and other low- and medium-rise buildings. The guidance has been derived from extensive testing and research at the University of Bath, funded by the DTI Partners in Innovation programme.



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-734-2


Pages: 160


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