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Title: Repairing flooded buildings: an insurance industry guide to investigation and repair

Ref Code: EP69
Authors: Flood Repairs Forum

Abstract1: Flood damage is a complex area, in terms of insurance and building repair issues. This publication has been compiled by the Flood Repairs Forum to rationalise and simplify the issues involved, with the aim of improving service to the building owner from the insurance, loss adjusting, surveying and contracting sectors. It follows the sequence of events in a flood claim - insurance, inspection, drying, monitoring, repair, health and safety, and damage avoidance. It helps those who are less experienced in flood repairs to understand the basic insurance and technical issues involved, and the key elements of customer care - recognising that communication and management of expectation rest at the heart of many of the difficulties which can occur.

Contents: Members of the Flood Repairs Forum Abbreviations 1


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-903-2


Pages: 108


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