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Title: Wheelchair housing design guide

Ref Code: EP70
Authors: Stephen Thorpe, Habinteg Housing Association

Abstract1: The Wheelchair housing design guide explains how to design and detail a home that is fully manageable by wheelchair users and that maximises their independence. It is activity-based and discusses design considerations, requirements and recommendations for each of fifteen activities carried out within and around the home, rather than presenting plans or preferred solutions. Checklists are provided. This second edition takes account of the experience of individual wheelchair users and of practitioners who have used the original guide, and reflects the new level of statutory advancements and societal perceptions of wheelchair standard design in the built environment. It provides design details and good practice examples which take account of current guidance and regulations; reflects and promotes the values and principles of existing strategies for social inclusion; and promotes the long-term cost benefits and other benefits of designing to wheelchair accessibility standards.

Contents: Foreword Preface Background Acknowledgements I


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-897-4


Pages: 132


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