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Title: Crime opportunity profiling of streets (COPS)
Subtitle: a quick crime analysis - rapid implementation approach

Ref Code: FB12
Authors: J Oxley, P Reijnhoudt, P van Soomeren, C Beckford, A Jongejan and J Jager

Abstract1: This report is an evaluated overview of European practices for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and focuses on exemplars formed into a toolkit of crime and anti-social behaviour prevention strategies. The following tools were identified for detailed analysis and to form part of the toolkit: * Crime Opportunity Profiling of Streets (COPS), UK * Kids & Space, the Netherlands * Virtual CPTED, the Netherlands * Visual Inspection/Stickers to Safety, the Netherlands * Police Label Secured Housing, the Netherlands * Criminological Regional Analysis (CRA), Germany * Integrated Audits (in crime prevention and traffic safety), Germany The research demonstrated that the most effective approach across Europe combines: physical approaches, focusing on architecture, urban planning, target hardening, etc; social approaches focusing on victims, offenders, guardians, city management, maintenance, etc, and organisational approaches focusing on structuring the partnership process of implementing measures. Sixteen Annexes included on a CD Rom, provide case studies, supporting papers and presentations on the individual tools from the project partners, with numerous colour illustrations.



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-886-8


Pages: 48


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