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Title: Sustainable refurbishment of Victorian housing
Subtitle: guidance, assessment method and case studies

Ref Code: FB14
Authors: T Yates

Abstract1: This report presents a method of assessing the refurbishment of traditionally built houses dating from the period 1840-1919 similar to that used in BREEAM EcoHomes. It looks specifically at competing requirements for modern energy and acoustic standards, whole building performance and the effects of durability, reliability and maintainability of the building fabric. It also examines the economic, environmental and social costs and benefits of retaining this part of the building stock and develops a methodology that can be used in the assessment process. It includes case studies that illustrate the practical application of this approach to individual houses and to larger areas of housing.

Contents: Preface Introduction Background to refurbishment


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-936-0


Pages: 40


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