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Title: Tiling and slating pitched roofs: plain and profiled clay and concrete tiles

Ref Code: GG64/2
Authors: Harry Harrison

Abstract1: This 3-part Good Building Guide deals with the upper surfaces of pitched tiled or slated roofing. It concentrates on those aspects of tiling and slating that have been most frequently observed in BRE site investigations of roofing schemes, which could lead to deficiencies in the performance of the completed roof. The objective is to provide practitioners with a summary of the main good practice criteria. Part 2 covers battening, nailing and product and material quality requirements for tiles. Advice on weather resistance, underlays and thermal insulation for warm roofs is contained in Part 1. Slating using natural and manmade slates is described in Part 3.



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-744-1


Pages: 6


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