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Title: Plastering and internal rendering

Ref Code: GG65
Authors: H W Harrison

Abstract1: The acceptability of the wall and ceiling plastered finish can be a significant item in the snagging procedure. Selection of appropriate materials and techniques may not always be thorough, particularly with respect to shrinkage of backing coats and resultant cracking, and detachment of surfaces. Rigorous design procedures and quality control on site are therefore of major importance in reducing, if not eliminating, defects. This Good Building Guide addresses these issues, drawing primarily from the experience of BRE site investigations. Part 1 describes the commonest types of gypsum and cement-based plasters available, the selection of suitable plastering specifications, whether for skim coat, two-coat or three-coat work in relation to the substrate material of wall or ceiling, the protection of abutments, avoidance of potential loss of adhesion, and thermal and moisture movements of the most common backgrounds and plasters. Workmanship, including permissible deviations of the finished surfaces, is dealt with in Part 2.

Contents: Types of plaster Design criteria Horizontal surfac


Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-928-5


Pages: 14


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