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Title: Installing thermal insulation
Subtitle: Good site practice

Ref Code: GG68

Abstract1: This Good Building Guide gives practical help in the different methods of building insulation into each part of the house (eg ground floors, external walls, windows/doors and roofs). Deficiencies in detailing that allow air leakage and thermal bridging will cause condensation, mould growth and excessive energy use in the finished house. Following the advice in this Good Building Guide will result in a well-insulated house that is warmer to live in, cheaper to run and better for the environment. Part 1 covers: General principles of preventing thermal bridging and air leakage, Ground floors, Pitched roofs and rooms-in-the-roof. Part 2 covers: External cavity walls, Windows and doors, Further reading.

Contents: Thermal bridging: general principles Air leakage:


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-933-9


Pages: 16


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