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Title: Repairing flood damage

Ref Code: GR11

Abstract1: These four guides deal with repairs to damage caused by flooding. Part 1 gives advice on cleaning the building in the first few days after the water has receded: such action can reduce the reoccupation time and minimise repairs and replacement. Part 2 deals with the treatment and repair of floors, and draining under-floor areas and basements. Information is given on drying, ventilation, measuring moisture contents, and reinstatement of flooring. Part 3 covers the treatment and repair of foundations and walls affected by flooding. This advice is given for solid, cavity, timber-frame and non-traditional walls. Information is also given on wall finishes. Part 4 gives advice on equipment, partitions, doors, windows and fittings in a building damaged by flood. It deals with the period after the initial cleaning, inspection, drying and repair of each item.



Year Published: 1997

ISBN: 978-1-86081-150-0


Pages: 16


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