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Title: Small scale, building integrated, wind power systems

Ref Code: IP12/05
Authors: E Dayan

Abstract1: This Information Paper provides an overview of the key issues for government, regulators, suppliers and designers in enabling greater use of small scale wind power. It also gives brief overviews of companies and wind power systems. It is based on the proceedings of the 2005 BRE/British Wind Energy Association Conference. The UK's renewable energy target for 2010 will be mostly met through large scale renewable energy projects. However, small scale installations will also have an important role to play. Renewable energy is an indispensable factor in developing sustainable communities and small scale production is an effective way for a community to produce its own electricity. At the right scale, and on appropriate sites, wind energy is one of the most economic and rapid means of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Contents: Introduction Legislation (The Government's microge


Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-879-0


Pages: 12


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