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Title: Eurocode 1: Part 1 - The structural loading basis of design, dead, imposed, fire, snow and wind loads. Part 2 - The code for structural loading

Ref Code: IP13/98
Authors:  JB Menzies and H Gulvanessian

Abstract1: This two-part Information Paper describes the evlolution of Eurocode 1, summarises its contents, and gives some background information of its derivation. It describes the assumptions and requirements of Eurocode on basis of design, to explain the context in which Eurocode 1 is intended to be used. It gives references, where possible, to enable practising engineers to obtain further insight into the basis and use of the Code’s requirements. This first part covers basis of design, dead, imposed, fire, snow and wind loads. Part 2 covers thermal actions, actions during execution, accidental actions, traffic loads on bridges, actions in silos and tanks, and actions due to cranes and machinery.



Year Published: 1998

ISBN: 978-1-86081-240-8


Pages: 4


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