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Title: Blocks with recycled aggregates: beam-and-block floors

Ref Code: IP14/98
Authors: R J Collins, D J Harris* and W Sparkes* (*Kingsway Technology Ltd)

Abstract1: Suspended floor systems constructed from inverted precast concrete T-beams with precast concrete block infill elements are a relatively new and expanding market. Infill blocks make only a minor contribution to the high performance achieved with such floors, and thus offer a low-risk route for the introduction of recycled aggregates. This paper details the results of a project in which blocks containing recycled aggregate were produced using conventional industrial plant and successfully tested in full-scale floor tests. It should be of interest to materials specifiers and the concrete/aggregate industry - particularly the precast and block industries and recyclers of construction and demolition materials.



Year Published: 1998

ISBN: 978-1-86081-244-6


Pages: 4


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