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Title: Modern methods of construction (MMC) in housing

Ref Code: IP3/07

Abstract1: These four Information Papers provide an authoritative guide to the key aspects of MMC for housing. The first part focuses on the drivers (such as savings in time and materials) and barriers (such as concern about higher costs) to the use of MMC. Part 2 shows how registered social landlords need to plan for the use of MMC in order to take advantage of the potential savings in time and materials, and the potential for higher quality that they offer. It highlights essential points to be considered at all stages from brief, concept design, planning and through to construction. The role of design in the process of producing high quality, low cost MMC homes is featured in the third part, which discusses the generic constraints of MMC on design, together with the constraints imposed by specific MMC systems and by the site. Part 4 discusses the successful development and manufacturing of MMC products

Contents: Part 1: Drivers and barriers to their use What are


Year Published: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-86081-965-0


Pages: 26


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