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Title: Costing sustainability: How much does it cost to achieve BREEAM and EcoHomes ratings?

Ref Code: IP4/05
Authors: Cyril Sweett

Abstract1: One of the principal barriers to the wider adoption of more sustainable design and construction solutions is the perception that these incur substantial additional costs. A costing analysis, using real cost data for a broad range of sustainability technologies and design solutions, contradicts this assumption. This Information Paper presents some of the key findings from this costing analysis; namely, the capital costs associated with reaching increased levels of environmental performance, as defined by the BREEAM and EcoHomes schemes, for different building types and in different locations. It demonstrates that significant improvements in building sustainability performance can be achieved at very little additional cost. In addition, more sustainable buildings can offer major in-use cost savings. The full results of this study undertaken by BRE and Cyril Sweett for the BRE Trust are published in a new report, 'Putting a price on sustainability'



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-742-7


Pages: 4


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