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Title: Pruning trees to reduce water use
Subtitle: Summaries of research; conclusions and recommendations

Ref Code: IP7/06
Authors: N A Hipps, C J Atkinson and H Griffiths

Abstract1: Certain tree species on shrinkable clay soils can increase the risk of subsidence by removing water from the ground. This leads to the clay in the ground shrinking which, in turn, destabilises house foundations - particularly shallow fouindations. This BRE information paper summarises the findings of research over five years by East Malling Research and the University of Cambridge to assess if soil drying by tree roots could be controlled by two branch pruning, crown thinning and crown reduction, and by root restriction Comments and recommendations are made about the effectiveness of the three techniques, and the implications for managing trees in shrinkage-susceptible soils.

Contents: Introduction Project summary Pruning trees to re


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-919-3


Pages: 8


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