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Title: The performance and use of coatings with low solvent content

Ref Code: IP8/99
Authors: J Boxall and W Thorpe

Abstract1: Coatings of low solvent content are being increasingly used in areas where, traditionally, coatings with relatively high levels of organic solvent would have been used. These new formulations are becoming more widely available and will undoubtedly be the predominant coatings in the future. This Paper summarises the pressures driving the changes in coatings technology and, based on data from BRE projects, describes the properties and performance of these new materials. It presents this complex technology in a readily understood from that will be of interest to all users of coatings for construction applications, including architects, specifiers, painting contractors and householders.



Year Published: 1999

ISBN: 978-1-86081-338-2


Pages: 4


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