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Title: Using small volume wastes in construction

Ref Code: IP9/05
Authors: F Moulinier, A M Dunster, R M Harrex

Abstract1: For many years the efforts of government, industry and research bodies have focused on encouraging the use of large volume by-product materials (eg pulverised fuel ash and blastfurnace slags) in construction; smaller volume materials, though, have received less attention.This information paper gives the main findings of a Partners in Innovation project to examine the non-technical barriers to using small volume wastes (SVWs) as raw materials in construction. The project examined a limited range of industries in UK, mainly reflecting the interests of the project partners, and concentrated primarily on materials with potential applications in cementitious products, aggregates, fill and hardcore. The paper reviews the locations, tonnages, and current and potential uses of a range of SVWs identified under the project. It describes the barriers to their use and proposes strategies to overcome them.



Year Published: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-86081-761-8


Pages: 8


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