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Title: Timber frame dwellings. Conservation of fuel and power: AD L1A guidelines

Ref Code: SD2
Authors: S M Doran

Abstract1: This Digest explains how the requirements of the building regulations for conservation of fuel and power may be satisfied for a new dwelling built with timber frame construction. It provides guidance on the relevant regulations, showing various approaches to compliance, together with four worked examples involving timber frame build solutions. Seventeen examples of timber frame wall, roof and floor constructions show how suitable U-values may be achieved for a variety of timber frame constructions. It is written for the timber frame industry, and for designers, architects and builders who may be considering using timber frame, and for enforcers of the regulations who are assessing applications. This revised edition will enable designers to align their designs with the new Regulations simply and effectively.

Contents: Introduction Terms used The five key criteria for


Year Published: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-86081-923-0


Pages: 24


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