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Case Law is part of the Occupational Health & Safety Information Service's online subscription. Bringing you a comprehensive selection of legislation, regulations, guidance, standards, including BSI and best practice which is updated daily, you can find documents on a wide range of subject areas such as Food & Drink, Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Fire & Offshore Safety.

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  • Health & Safety Made Easy - easy to understand summaries on key subject areas, compliance checklists and slides which users can include in their own Power Point presentations
  • Case Law Abstracts - summaries of key cases
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Documents supplied by Case Law

(1) Darby William Dennis, (2) Catherine Dennis and Ministry of Defence
(1) Hartman and South Essex Mental Health and Community Care NHS Trust ("The Trust") (2) Best and Staffordshire University (3) Wheeldon and HSBC Bank Ltd (4) Green and Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers Ltd (5) Moore and Welwyn Components Ltd (6) Melville and the Home Office
(1) Tameside and Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust and Thompstone (by His Mother and Litigation Friend, Heather Bridley) (2) South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority and - Corbett (by His Mother and Litigation Friend, Catherine Elizabeth Corbett) (3) United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust and RH (by His Mother and Litigation Friend LW) (4) South West London Strategic Health Authority and de Haas (by Her Father and Litigation Friend Paul de Haas)
(1) Trevor Francis, (2) Cecilia Henry (3) Tyrone Reeves Claimants/Respondents and (1) Donna Wells Defendant (2) Churchill Insurance Company Limited Defendant/Appellant
1. The Queen on the Application of Jean Middleton (1st Respondent) v. HM Coroner for West Somersetshire (Appellant) 2. The Queen on the Application of Amin (2nd Respondent) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department (Appellant) And HM Coroner of West London Interested Party
A v. Hoare, H v. Suffolk County Council (Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs Intervening), X and Another v. Wandsworth London Borough Council
A. Train and Sons Ltd v. Maxine Emma Fletcher (Executrix of the Estate of Carl Fletcher, Deceased)
A.B. and Others v. South West Water Services Ltd
Abfall Service AG (ASA) v. Bundesminister für Umwelt, Jugend und Familie
Adams v. Ursell
Adsett v. K. and L. Steelfounders and Engineers Ltd
Agnes Sithole v. Hackney Primary Care Trust
Aitken and South Hams District Council
Alan Brookes and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and Mainline Group Limited
Alcock and Others v. Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police
Alison Dugmore and Swansea NHS Trust and Morriston NHS Trust
Allen v. Gulf Oil Refining Ltd
Allen v. London Borough of Barnet
Alphacell Ltd. and Woodward
Anderson v. M and J Lyotier and Portejoie
Andre Henry Cleminson v. John Addley Limited and Croda Resins Limited
Andreas George Soteriou and (1) Ultrachem Limited (2) Solvo Limited (3) Ultracolour Limited
Anil Gokan Chauhan v. Ian Stanley Harald Paul
Ann Coley v. Securicor Group plc
Anthony Peter Appleby v. Chief Adjudication Officer
Anthony Peter Nixon v. Chanceoption Developments Limited
Application by Palin Granit OY
Arco Chemie Nederland Ltd v. Minister van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer - Vereniging Dorpsbelang Hees and Others v. Directeur van de Dienst Milieu en Water van de Provincie Gelderland
Armour v. Skeen
Armstrong and Others v. British Coal Corporation
Arnold Heyes v. Pilkington Glass Ltd.
Arnup (as Administratrix and On Her Own Behalf) v. MW White Ltd
Arriva Trains Northern Ltd v. David Eaglen
Associated Dairies Ltd. v. Hartley
Astell v. London Transport Board
Attorney-General v. Gee
Attorney-General v. Guardians of Poor of Union of Dorking
Attorney-General v. Lewes Corporation
Attorney-General's Reference (No. 2 of 1988)
Attridge Law and Another v. Coleman
Austin Rover Group Ltd. v. HM Inspector of Factories
Bailey v. Ayr Engineering and Constructional Co. Ltd. and Another
Bailey. v. BP Oil (Kent Refinery) Ltd.
Baker v. T E Hopkins and Son Ltd.
Ball v. Ray
Ball v. Street
Ballard v. Tomlinson
Barbara Gray (Widow and Administratrix of the Estate of Ian Gray Deceased) Claimant, and Fire Alarm Fabrication Services Limited First Defendants, and E.H. Humphries (Norton) Limited Second Defendants, and Thistle Hotels Limited (Formerly Thistle Hotels plc) Third Defendants
Barber v. Somerset County Council
Barker v. Corus UK Ltd; Murray v. British Shipbuilders (Hydrodynamics) Ltd and Others; Patterson v. Smiths Dock Ltd and Another
Barkway (Appellant) and South Wales Transport Co. Ltd. (Respondents)
Barnes v. St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council
Basil John Challinor and the Queen
Bates v. Stone Parish Council
Baugh v. Delta Water Fittings Ltd. and Another (Thomas Potterton Ltd.)
Baxendale v. McMurray
Baxter v. Camden London Borough Council (No. 2)
Baxter v. Central Electricity Generating Board and Others
Beet and Others -v- United Kingdom
Ben Byrne (A Child by his Litigation Friend, Julie Byrne) v. (1) Motor Insureres {Insurers} Bureau (MIB) (2) Secretary of State for Transport
Bernadette Cadman v. HSE
Bernard Edwin Watson v. Bonar Floors Limited
Berry v. Stone Manganese Marine Ltd.
Birmingham City Council v. Oakley
Birmingham DC v. Kelly (Unreported)
Bishop v. Baker Refractories Ltd.
Bisset v. Anderson (Scottish Case)
Blue Circle Industries plc v. Ministry of Defence
Board of Management of Trim Joint District School and Kelly
Bolam v. Friern Hospital Management Committee
Boyle and Kodak Ltd.
Brackenborough v. Spalding Urban District Council
Bradford v. Robinson Rentals Ltd
Brazier v. Skipton Rock Co. Ltd.
Brett v. Reading University
Bridget Maria Barnett and Scottish Power t/a Manweb Metering Business
Brioland Limited v. Lydia Mary Searson
British Railways Board (Appellants) and Herrington (Respondent)
British Transport Docks Board v. Williams
British Waterways Board v. Severn Trent Water Ltd
British Waterways Board v. Severn Trent Water Ltd
Brock v. Harrison
Broder v. Saillard
Brooks v. Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
Brown and National Coal Board
Brown v. Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Dunstable
Brown v. Troy and Co. Ltd
Bryan Evans Fytche and Wincanton Logistics plc
Bryers v. Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd
Budd v. Colchester Borough Council
Bulmer Rayon Company Ltd. and Freshwater and Another
Bunker v. Charles Brand and Son Ltd.
Burke and Ashe Construction Ltd.
Butler v. Derby City Council
Bux v. Slough Metals Ltd
Byers v. Head Wrightson & Co. Ltd.
C v. W (A Patient by Her Litigation Friend Jocelyn Fox)
Callery v. Gray Russell v. Pal Pak Corrugated Ltd.
Cambridge Water Co. and Eastern Counties Leather Plc.
Cambridgeshire County Council v. Associated Lead Mills Ltd
Camden London Borough Council v. London Underground Ltd.
Cameron and Others v. Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd (Formerly Railtrack Plc)
Cartledge and Others v. E. Jopling and Sons Ltd
Central Asbestos Co. Ltd. and Dodd
Chantelle Peters (By Her Litigation Friend, Susan Mary Miles) v. East Midlands Strategic Health Authority and Others - (P. Halstead and Nottingham City Council)
Charles R. Davidson and Company and M'Robb or Officer
Charles v. S. Smith and Sons (England) Ltd
Chipchase v. British Titan Products Co. Ltd
Christine Walker v. Wabco Automotive UK Ltd.
Christopher Simon Blantern v. William Birch and Sons Limited, Tucker and Tunstalls Limited
Christopher Whippey and Andrew Michael Jones
Clark and the Chief Constable of Essex Police
Clarke v. E. R. Wright and Son (A Firm) and Another
Clay v. A. J. Crump and Sons Ltd. and Others
Clayton v. Woodman and Son (Builders) Ltd. and Others
Clive Dawson and Kimberley Dawson v. Ian Broughton
Close (Appellant) and Steel Company of Wales Ltd. (Respondents)
Clowes v. Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company
Coad v. Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health Authority
Cobham Hire Services Limited v. Benjamin Eeles (by His Mother and Litigation Friend Julie Eeles)
Coleman v. Attridge Law and Steve Law, ECJ
Coltman and Another and Bibby Tankers Ltd.
Colwell v. St. Pancras Borough Council
Commission of the European Communities v. Ireland
Conn v. The Council of the City of Sunderland
Connolly v. McGee and Others
Corbett v. Barking, Havering and Brentwood
Corby Group Litigation v. Corby Borough Council
Corn v. Weir's Glass (Hanley) Ltd. and Another
Corporation of the City of Glasgow and Taylor
Corr v. IBC Vehicles Ltd
Coventry City Council v. Cartwright
Craner v. Dorset County Council
Creed v. McGeoch and Sons Ltd
Cresswell and Others v. Eaton
Crofton (A Patient Suing by his Father and Litigation Friend John Crofton) v. National Health Service Litigation Authority
Crookall v. Vickers-Armstrong Ltd.
Crossley and Sons Limited v. Lightowler
Crump v. Lambert
Cunningham v. Birmingham City Council
Cunningham v. Harrison and Another
Curran v. William Neill and Son (St. Helens) Ltd.
Cutler v. United Dairies (London) Limited
Cuttress and Others v. Scaffolding (Great Britain) Ltd. and Huntingdon Building and Development Co. Ltd
DPP v. Smith
Dacre Son and Hartley Ltd v. North Yorkshire County Council
Daimler Chrysler AG v. Land Baden-Württemberg
Darrell Grant Hawkes v. London Borough of Southwark
Darren Joseph Horton - And - Taplin Contracts Limited
Daryl Christopher Kearn-Price and Kent County Council
David Allen (A Child by Ceri Allen His Litigation Friend) v. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc
David George Allen v. Hartwells Garages Limited
David Rowe (by His Litigation Friend Angela Griffiths) v. Dolman
Davie v. New Merton Board Mills Ltd. and Another
Davies v. Gwauncaegurwen Colliery
Davison v. Apex Scaffolds Ltd
Delroy Clayton Wesley Thompson v. The Home Office
Dennis George Dale v. Michelin Tyre plc
Denton Hall Legal Services & Others and Kathryn Hilary Fifield
Dickins and O2
Director of Public Prosecutions v. Everest
Dobbie v. Medway Health Authority
Doherty and Others and Rugby Joinery (UK) Limited
Doherty and Others and Rugby Joinery (UK) Limited
Donaghey v. P. O'Brien and Co. and Others
Doughty v. Turner Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Douglas Holt v. Holroyd Meek Limited
Dr R Kuzel and Roche Products Limited
Draper v. Sperring (Unreported)
Dunn and Another v. the Company of Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigation
Durham County Council v. North Durham Justices
Durham v. Bai (Run Off) Limited (In Scheme of Arrangement) ("Lead Case 1") - Fleming and Eddleston v. Independent Insurance Company Limited (In Provisional Liquidation) ("Lead Case 2") - Edwards v. Excess Insurance Company Limited ("Lead Case 3") - Thomas Bates and Son Limited v. Bai (Run Off) Limited (In Scheme of Arrangement) ("Lead Case 4") - Akzo Nobel UK Limited and Amec Plc v. Excess Insurance Company Limited ("Lead Case 5") - Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited v. Zurich Insurance Company and Others ("Lead Case 6")
EB and BA
Eagle v. Chambers (No 2)
Ebbs v. James Whitson and Co. Ltd.
Edmund Nutall Limited and Mr P Butterfield
Edwards v. National Coal Board
Edwards v. Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
Eileen O'Sullivan v. Barclays Bank plc
Eileen Pigford v. City of Sunderland
Elms v. Foster Wheeler Ltd
Emmanuel Bay-Sloane v. (1) The Home Office (2) Group 4 Security (Applicants/Defendants)
Environment Agency (Formerly National Rivers Authority) and Empress Car Co. (Abertillery) Ltd
Environment Agency v. M E Foley Contractors Ltd. and Another
Essen v. DPP (2005)
Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd. and Southport Corporation
Evans v. Sant
Express Ltd (Trading as Express Dairies Distribution) v. Environment Agency
Fairchild v. Glenhaven
Fallaize v. Troughton and Young Ltd
Farley v. Skinner
Federal Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. and Department of Trade and Industry
Ferguson v. John Dawson
Fletcher v. Autocar and Transporters Ltd
Fletcher v. Bealey
Flower and Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company Limited
Forbes v. Wandsworth Health Authority
Francis McFarlane v. Nigel Wilkinson and Anna Guggenheim and William Hegarty v. E E Caledonia Limited
Franklin v. the Gramophone Company Limited
Gaca v. Pirelli General plc and Others
Garcia v. Harland and Wolff Limited
Gareth Parsons and (1) Mr D v. Warren (2) Perfectskill Limited
Gary Smith and ANR (Middlesbrough Football and Athletics Company (1986) Ltd.) v. Ben Collett
Gaunt v. Fynney
General Cleaning Contractors v. Christmas
Gill v. Donald Humberstone and Co. Ltd.
Gleadall v. Huddersfield Magistrates Court
Glenys Newman v. Whitbread plc
Glossop v. Heston and Isleworth Local Board
Glynne Evans and HSE and John Terence George Harris
Goldsmid v. Tunbridge Wells Improvement Commissioners
Gosnell v. Aerated Bread Co. Ltd. Unreported
Gough and Another v. Chief Constable of West Midlands Police
Graham Alan Willis v. (1) Kenneth James Cross (2) William Gerrard Farrell (3) Geoffrey Hugh Logan (4) Peter James Hubbard
Graham v. Co-Operative Wholesale Society Ltd.
Grand Metropolitan plc (T/A Fleur De Lys) and Closed Circuit Cooling Limited (T/A 3cl) v. Michael Cyril Coulding
Grant and National Coal Board
Grant v. George Wimpey and Co. Ltd
Gravatom Engineering Systems Limited and Raymond Parr
Gray v. Stead
Greene King plc v. Harlow District Council
Griffiths v. Pembrokeshire County Council
Guildford Borough Council v. Hein
Haigh and Charles W. Ireland Ltd
Haley and London Electricity Board
Hall and Wife v. Lees and Others
Hall v. Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Ltd. (Scottish Case)
Halsey v. Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd
Hambrook v. Stokes Brothers
Hamilton and the National Coal Board
Hammersmith London Borough Council v. Magnum Automated Forecourts Ltd
Hardman v. North Eastern Rye Unreported
Harris and BRB (Residuary) Ltd and the English, Welsh and Scottish Railway Ltd
Harris v. Brights Asphalt Contractors Ltd
Harrison and National Coal Board
Harrison v. Metropolitan Plywood Company
Harsukhray Bhatt and Fontain Motors Limited
Harvey v. R. G. O'Dell Ltd. and Another. Galway (Third Party)
Haward and Others v. Fawcetts (A Firm) and Another
Hawkins v. Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council
Haynes v. Harwood
Haynes v. Qualcast (Wolverhampton) Ltd
Hazel May Bennetts v. Ministry of Defence
Health and Safety Executive v. Thames Trains Limited
Heath v. Brighton Corporation Unreported
Helen Green v. Deutsche Bank Group Services (UK) Ltd
Helen Hicklin v. Stanton Rubber and Plastics Ltd
Helen Lennon v. Birmingham City Council
Henderson v. Henry E. Jenkins and Sons and Another
Henser-Leather v. Securicor Cash Services Ltd.
Henworth v. United Kingdom
Herbert v. Harold Shaw Ltd
Hewden Tower Cranes Limited and Yarm Road Limited & Another
Hillen and Pettigrew v. ICI (Alkali) Ltd.
Hilton v. Thomas Burton (Rhodes) Ltd. and Another
Holland v. HM Advocate
Home Office and Lowles
Horne-Roberts v. Smithkline Beecham Plc and Another
Horsley v. Collier and Catley Ltd.
Horton v. Sadler and Another
Hounslow London Borough Council v. Thames Water Utilities Ltd
House v. Haughton Brothers (Worcester) Ltd.
Hudson v. Ridge Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Hugh Martins and Mohammed Choudhary
Hughes and Lord Advocate
Hughes v. Mcgoff and Vickers Ltd
Hunter and Others v. Canary Wharf Ltd.; Hunter and Others v. London Docklands Development Corp
Hunter v. British Coal Corporation and Another
Hutchinson v. Enfield Rolling Mills Ltd
Ian Kew and (1) Bettamix Limited (Formerly Tarmac Roadstone Southern Limited) (2) Tarmac Roadstone Limited (3) Situsec Contractors Limited (4) Tarmac Contractors Limited (5) FM Conway
Igen Ltd. (Formerly Leeds Careers Guidance), Ms. Beverly Parsons, Ms. Liz Green, Ms. Christine McNiven and Ms. Kay Wong
Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. and Shatwell
In R v. Button (2005)
In Re Deep Vein Thrombosis and Air Travel Group Litigation
Inchbald v. Robinson; Inchbald v. Barrington
Innes v. Newman
Intel Incorporation (UK) Limited and Tracy Ann Daw
J Walter Thompson Group Ltd and Ms Sue Williams
Jade Lauren Kidd (A Child, By Deborah Lemin, Her Litigation Friend) v. Portsmouth City Council
Jaguar Cars Limited Appellant v. Alan Gordon Coates
James Maguire (Personal Representative of the Estate of Teresa Maguire Deceased) and (1) Harland and Wolff Plc; (2) Harland and Wolff Holdings Plc
James Nimmo and Company Limited and Connell
Janice Croft v. Broadstairs and St Peter's Town Council
Jasmin Alli v. Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust
Jean Hurd v. Stirling Group plc
Jeffrey Russell O'Neill v. DSG Retail Ltd.
Jenner v. Allen West and Co. Ltd
John Rylands and Jehu Horrocks (Plaintiffs in Error) and Thomas Fletcher (Defendant in Error)
Johnson v. Croggan & Co. Ltd. and Another
Johnson v. Rea Ltd
Jonathan Harvey v. Plymouth City Council
Jones v. Home Office
Jones v. Sandwell Metropolitan District Council
Jones v. Whalley
Joseph Smith (Pauper) and Charles Baker and Sons
Josephine Joy v. Haven Leisure Limited
Karen Longworth v. Prescription Pricing Authority
Karl Andrew Whyte v. Redland Aggregates Limited
Karling v. Purdue
Kearney v. Eric Waller Ltd. and Another
Kearney v. The London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Company
Kelly v. Pierhead Ltd
Kemp v. Liebherr (Great Britain) Ltd
Kennaway v. Thompson and Another
Kevan Cother v. RMC Group plc
Kiani (As Personal Representative of the Late Abdul Kiani) and Land Rover Limited and Ors
Kieron Brady Appellant v. Sunderland Association Football Club Ltd
Kilgollan v. William Cooke and Co. Ltd.
Kilgollan v. William Cooke and Co. Ltd.
Kirkheaton District Local Board v. Ainley, Sons and Co
Kirklees Metropolitan Council v. Celia Field; Anne Thackray; Peter Marsh and Leslie Wilson
Kitson v. Ashe Unreported
Knight v. Demolition and Construction Co. Ltd. Ransome v. The Same
Knight v. Lambrick Contractors Ltd
Knowles and Liverpool City Council
Lambton v. Mellish [1894 L. 1392.] - Lambton v. Cox [1894 L. 1391.]
Latham v. R. Johnson and Nephew Ltd.
Latimer v. A.E.C. Ltd
Latona Allison v. London Underground Ltd
Leakey and Others v. National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty (NT)
Leeman v. Montagu
Leslie Brian King and RCO Support Services Limited and Yorkshire Traction Company Limited
Leslie Francis Rose (An Infant by Leslie George Rose, His Next Friend) v. Christopher Plenty and Co-Operative Retail Services Limited (Bristol)
Lewisham v. Fenner
Lexmead (Basingstoke) Ltd. and Lewis and Others
Lim Poh Choo v. Camden and Islington Area Health Authority
Limpus v. London General Omnibus Co.
Lippiatt and Another v. South Gloucestershire Council
Lister and Others v. Hesley Hall Limited
Lister v. Romford Ice and Cold Storage Co. Ltd.
Lloyde v. West Midlands Gas Board
Lochgelly Iron and Coal Company, Limited and M'Mullan
Lois Angela Sayers and Cambridgeshire County Council
London Borough of Camden v. Mrs V. Price-Job
London Borough of Enfield and Ms Natasha Sivanandan
London Borough of Haringey v. Marks and Spencer and Liverpool City Council v. Somerfield Stores (2004)
London Borough of Newham v. Stratford Magistrates' Court Also R (On the Application of the London Borough of Newham) v. Stratford Magistrates' Court
London Borough of Southwark v. Simpson
London Graving Dock Co. Ltd. and Horton
London and North Eastern Railway Company (LNER) and Berriman
Longhurst and Guildford, Godalming and District Water Board
Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of the City of Manchester and Farnworth
Lynn Armstrong and the Secretary of State for the Home Office
M'Alister (or Donoghue) (Pauper) and Stevenson
MG and North Devon NHS Primary Care Trust
Machray v. Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd
Magistrates of Airdrie (Appellants) and County Council of the County of Lanark, (Appellants and Respondents) and Magistrates of Coatbridge and County Council of the County of Lanark (Respondents)
Makepeace and Evans Brothers (Reading)(A Firm) and Another
Malik Roshdi v. (1) Thames Trains Limited (2) Railtrack plc (in Railway Administration)
Maloney v. A. Cameron Ltd.
Manley v. New Forest District Council
Marcic v. Thames Water Utilities Ltd
Marian Freeman v. Higher Park Farm
Mark Hone v. Six Continents Retail Ltd
Marks and Spencer plc v. Kathleen Palmer
Marshall and Gotham and Co. Ltd.
Marshall v. Clayton and Shuttleworth
Martin v. J. Lovibond and Sons Ltd.
Mary Donnelly Sheehan v. City Centre Leisure Ltd.
Mary Scaife v. Falcon Leisure Group (Overseas) Ltd.
Massey v. United Kingdom
Master Tashan Gabriel and Kirklees Metropolitan Council
McCafferty v. Metropolitan Police District Receiver
McCamley v. Cammell Laird Shipbuilders Ltd
McGinlay or Titchener and British Railways Board
McIntyre Brothers and McGavin and Others
McMath v. Rimmer Brothers (Liverpool) Ltd
McQuaker v. Goddard
McWilliams and Sir William Arrol and Co. Ltd. and Another
Mcardle v. Andmac Roofing Co. and Others - [1963 M. No. 667] McArdle v. Newton Brothers - [1965 M. No. 3395]
Meadow v. General Medical Council
Meigh v. Wickenden
Merlin and Another v. British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNF)
Mersey Docks and Harbour Board and Procter
Mersey Docks and Harbour Board v. Coggins and Griffiths (Liverpool) Ltd. and McFarlane
Merseyside Fire and Civil Defence Authority v. Gavin Fraser Bassie
Michael Alexander Watson v. British Boxing Board of Control Limited (The 'Board') and World Boxing Organisation Incorporated
Michael Heyward v. Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust
Michael Humpheryes Claimant and Nedcon UK Limited and Storage Engineering Services Limited
Michael Irvine v. (1) Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis (2) Carillion plc and (3) Town and Country Flooring Limited
Michael James Stewart (Protected Party by His Litigation Friend Christopher Ramwell) and David William Glaze
Michael John Bottomley and Todmorden Cricket Club ('The Club')
Michael Moon and Paul James Garrett and Others
Michael White v. Lord Chancellor's Department
Michael William Kelly and Alan Geoffrey Frear, and Regina
Montgomery v. Blows
Moorcroft v. Thomas Powles and Son Ltd
Moore (Pauper) and Manchester Liners Limited
Morris v. Breaveglen Limited (t/a Anzac Construction Company) and Sleeman Limited Third Party
Morris v. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - King v. Bristow Helicopters Ltd
Mortimer and Samuel B. Allison Ltd.
Mourton v. Poulter
Mr Colin G Orford v. Rasmi Electronics and Dr Surendra
Mr K A Dunham and Ashford Windows
Mr Terence John Brazier v. Dolphin Fairway Limited
Mr W D Hanlon and 1) Kirklees Metropolitan Council 2) Mr T Jepson 3) Mr C Platts 4) Mr T Brown 5) Ms J Russell 6) Ms A Ewart
Mrs Grace Sanderson (Admin of Estate of Mr Sanderson Deceased) v. Ms Donna Marie Hull
Mrs K O’Hanlon and the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs
Mrs Samantha Morgan and Staffordshire University
Ms Andrea Madarassy and Nomura International Plc
Ms L Barton v. Investec Henderson Crosthwaite Securities Limited (Investec)
Ms L Oyarce and Cheshire County Council
Mullaney and Chief Constable of West Midlands Police
Mulready v. J. E. and W. Bell LD. and Others
Mulready v. J. H. and W. Bell Ltd. and Others
Muneka v. Customs and Excise
Napieralski v. Curtis (Contractors) Ltd.
Nash and Others v. Eli Lilly and Co. and Others; Berger and Others v. Same
National Coal Board v. Thorne
National Rivers Authority and Yorkshire Water Services Ltd.
New Monckton Collieries, Limited and Keeling
Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council v. The Barns (NE) Ltd. and Another
Newell and Wright (transport Contractors) Limited v. K Mennell
Nicholls and F. Austin (Leyton), Limited
Nicholls v. Ely Beet Sugar Factory Limited
Nigel John Holmes v. SGB Services plc
Nimmo and Alexander Cowan and Sons Ltd
Norman Milner v. Hepworth Heating Limited
Norris v. Syndic Manufacturing Co. 1951 N. 262.]
Norris v. W. Moss and Sons Ltd.
Nottingham City Council v. Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries Plc
Nottingham No. 1 Area Hospital Management Committee v. Owen
Nurse and Morganite Crucible Ltd.
Nurse and Morganite Crucible Ltd.
O'Brien v. Hertsmere Borough Council
OCS Group Limited and Mr A J Taylor
Oliver and Others v. Ashman and Another
Ollet v. Bristol Aerojet Ltd.
Orchard v. Bush and Co.
Orchard v. Lee
Owen v. Evans and Owen (Builders) Ltd.
PRP Architects and Precious Reid
Page and Smith
Paine v. Colne Valley Electricity Supply Company
Palmer and Cornwall County Council
Palmer v. Kitley
Paris (Appellant) and Stepney Borough Council (Respondents)
Paterson v. Surrey Police Authority
Patrick John Cross v. UGC Ltd t/a Oxford Automotive
Paul England v. IBC Vehicles Ltd.
Peaty v. Field
Perry v. Kendricks Transport Ltd
Peter James Hughes v. Midnight Theatre Company; The Old Bull Arts Association
Peter Wale Abrahams Claimant/Applicant v. London Borough of Waltham Forest
Phillips and Co and Anor (Thomas Phillips) v. Whatley (Gibraltar)
Phillips v. Robertson Thain Ltd.
Phipps and Another v. Rochester Corporation
Pickford v. Imperial Chemical Industries plc (ICI)
Pimblett and Sons Ltd v. Owen
Potts or Riddell and Reid
Pratt v. Richards and Others
Price v. Claudgen Ltd.
Price v. Cromack
Pride of Derby and Derbyshire Angling Association Ltd. and Another v. British Celanese Ltd. and Others
Pwllbach Colliery Company, Limited and Woodman
Quinn Appellant; and Cameron and Roberton Ltd.
Quinn v. J. W. Green (Painters) Ltd.
Quinn v. Burch Bros. (Builders) Ltd
R (C) v. Sheffield Magistrates' Court
R (CPS) v. Bolton Magistrates' Court
R (Edwards) v. Environment Agency
R (Greenfield) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department
R (Howe) v. South Durham Magistrates' Court
R (James) v. Director of Public Prosecutions
R (Stanley and Others) v. Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis
R (Tullet) v. Medway Magistrates' Court
R (on the Application of the London Borough of Newham) v. Stratford Magistrates’ Court
R and Balfour Beatty Rail Infrastructure Services Ltd
R v. (1) Chargot Ltd. (T/A Contract Services) and ORS
R v. Abdul Majeed
R v. Adaway
R v. Al-Khawaja
R v. Arnold
R v. Ashton; (R v. Draz; R v. O'Reilly)
R v. Associated Octel Co. Ltd.
R v. Banks
R v. Beckles
R v. Becouarn
R v. Blackburn
R v. Bore
R v. Bovell and R v. Dowds
R v. Bradley
R v. Brown (Unreported)
R v. Cairns
R v. Cannings
R v. Chargot Ltd. (t/a Contract Services)
R v. Chohan
R v. Chung Tak Lam Mary Lam Patricia Lam Christopher John Lam and Peter Brennan (t/a 'Namesakes of Torbay') and Borough of Torbay
R v. Clerk of Assize of the Oxford Circuit Unreported
R v. Cova Products Limited
R v. Doidge
R v. Early
R v. Edwards and Other Appeals
R v. Environmental Tyre Disposals Ltd
R v. Epping (Waltham Abbey) JJ; Ex Parte Burlinson
R v. Evans
R v. F. Howe and Son (Engineers) Limited
R v. Gale
R v. Goodyear
R v. Grant
R v. H
R v. HTM
R v. Hall and Co. Limited
R v. Hanson and Other Appeals
R v. Hardy
R v. Hayes
R v. Hayter
R v. Highton
R v. Hounsham
R v. Humphris
R v. Iaquaniello
R v. Jobe
R v. Johnson
R v. Kai-whitewind
R v. Knights
R v. Lewis
R v. Lyon
R v. Mara
R v. Marcus
R v. Michael John Thwaites
R v. Momodou and Another
R v. Moon
R v. Mulla
R v. Muradi
R v. Mushtaq
R v. Nelson Group Services (Maintenance) Ltd
R v. Nelson Group Services (Maintenance) Ltd.
R v. Parkinson
R v. Patrascu
R v. Percival
R v. Phipps
R v. RL and JF
R v. Richards and Evans
R v. Rollco Screw and Rivet Co Ltd and Bernard Rose and Philip Rose
R v. Sellers and Another
R v. Sellick
R v. Smolinsky (2004)
R v. Stalkers Transport Services Ltd
R v. Swan Hunter Shipbuilder and Telemeter Installations Ltd.
R v. Thomas Sim Beedie
R v. Underwood, R v. Arobieke, R v. Khari, R v. Connors
R v. Wakefield and Purseglove
R v. Walden-Jones Ex Parte Coton Unreported
R v. Wang
R. (Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club and Another) v. Corporation of London and Another
Radstock Co-Operative and Industrial Society v. Norton-Radstock Urban District Council
Rankin v. De Coster
Rapier v. London Tramways Company
Reader v. Molesworths Bright Clegg Solicitors
Ready Mixed Concrete (South East) Ltd. v. Minister of Pensions and National Insurance
Regina (Anti-Waste Ltd) v. Environment Agency
Regina (Feakins) v. Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Regina (Fisher and Others) v. English Nature
Regina (Mayer Parry Recycling Ltd) v. Environment Agency and Another (Corus (UK) Ltd and Another, Interveners)
Regina (National Grid Gas Plc) v. Environment Agency
Regina (Thornby Farms Ltd) v. Daventry District Council - Regina (Murray) v. Derbyshire County Council
Regina (Trailer and Marina (Leven) Ltd) v. Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Another
Regina (r) v. Durham Constabulary and Another
Regina v. Boal
Regina v. Board of Trustees of the Science Museum
Regina v. Bristol City Council, Ex Parte Everett
Regina v. British Steel plc
Regina v. Clifton Steel Ltd
Regina v. Falmouth and Truro Port Health Authority, Ex Parte South West Water Ltd
Regina v. Fenny Stratford Justices, Ex Parte Watney Mann (Midlands) Ltd
Regina v. Hertfordshire County Council, Ex Parte Green Environmental Industries Ltd. and Another
Regina v. J
Regina v. Liverpool Crown Court and Another, Ex Parte Cooke
Regina v. P. Ltd. and Another
Regina v. Rimmington and Regina v. Goldstein
Regina v. Secretary of State for Health, Ex Parte United States Tobacco International Inc
Regina v. Secretary of State for the Environment and Another, Ex Parte Standley and Others (National Farmers' Union)
Regina v. Secretary of State for the Environment and MAFF Ex Parte Watson
Regina v. Secretary of State for the Environment, Ex Parte Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Port of Sheerness Ltd., Intervener)
Richardson v. Watson
Richards v. Highway Ironfounders (West Bromwich) Ltd.
Ridehalgh v. DPP (2005)
Rita Burgess v. Plymouth City Council
Robb (Appellant) v. Salamis (M and I) Limited (Formerly Known as Salamis Marine and Industrial Limited) (Respondents) (Scotland)
Robb v. Dundee City Council (Unreported)
Robert Addie and Sons (Collieries), Limited and Dumbreck
Robert Eric Spencer and Wincanton Holdings Ltd. (Wincanton Logistics Ltd.)
Robert Smith (A Person Under a Disability Proceeding by His Wife and Litigation Friend Pauline Smith) and Michael Finch
Roberts v. Dorman Long and Co. Ltd.
Roberts v. Dorothea Slate Quarries Co. Ltd.
Roberts v. Johnstone and Another
Roderick Fraser v. Hlmad Ltd.
Ronald Jest and Thistle Hotels plc
Ronald Keith McCook (1) Aloysius Lobo (2) London Seafood Limited (Sued as London Seafood and Poultry Limited)(3) Stanley Headley
Ronald Quinn v. Ministry of Defence
Ross and Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd.
Rowe v. Herman and Others
Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust and Mrs T P Dunsby
Rugby Joinery UK Limited and Pamela Whitfield
Rushmer v. Polsue and Alfieri Limited
Russell v. Wincanton Ltd
Ryan St. George (A Patient Suing by His Father and Litigation Friend, David St. George) v. Home Office
S. and Another v. Distillers Company (Biochemicals) Ltd. - J. and Another v. Same
SITA EcoService BV v. Minister van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer
Saddleworth UDC v. Aggregate and Sand Ltd.
Sajid v. Sussex Muslim Society
Salmon v. Seafarer Restaurants Ltd. (British Gas Corporation Third Party)
Sanders-Clark v. Grosvenor Mansions Company Ltd. and G. D'Allessandri
Sayers v. Harlow Urban District Council
Scholefield v. Schmunck Unreported
Sedleigh-Denfield v. O'Callagan and Others (Trustees for St Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions)
Sevenoaks District Council v. Brands Hatch Leisure Group Ltd. (Unreported)
Sexton v. Scaffolding (Great Britain) Ltd
Shanks and McEwan (Teesside) Ltd v. Environment Agency
Shearman v. Folland
Sheila Peskett Claimant/Respondent v. Portsmouth City Council
Sheldon v. Butterley Company Ltd.
Sheldrake v. Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney Generals' Reference no 4 of 2002
Shell Tankers UK Limited v. Betty Irene Jeromson
Shirley Parker v. Robin Levy (T/A Essex Marinas)
Sienkiewicz (Administratrix of the Estate of Enid Costello Decd) v. Greif (UK) Ltd.
Simmons v. Bovis Ltd. and Another
Simon Trotman (By His Mother and Next Friend Irene Trotman) v. North Yorkshire County Council
Sims v. Foster Wheeler Ltd. and Another Plibrico Ltd. (Third Party)
Smith and Cammell, Laird and Company, Limited
Smith v. Crossley Bros Ltd
Smith v. George Wimpey and Co. Ltd. and Another
Smith v. S Notaro Ltd and Grafton Group Plc (T/A Plumbase)(Part 20 Defendant)
Solomons v. R. Gertzenstein Ltd. and Others
South Lakeland District Council v. Secretary of State for the Environment and Another
Southern Portland Cement Ltd. and Rodney John Cooper (An Infant by his Next Friend Peter Alphonsus Cooper)
Southwark London Borough Council v. Mills and Others
Sowden v. Lodge; Crookdake v. Drury
Speed v. Thomas Swift and Co. Ltd.
Spencer and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Moore and Secretary of State for Transport and Motor Insurers' Bureau
Spencer-Franks (Appellant) v. Kellogg Brown and Root Limited and Others (Respondents) (Scotland)
Spittle and Others v. Bunney
Spray v. Mayor Alderman and Burgess of Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council
St. Helens Colliery Company, Limited and Hewitson
Stanley John Hannington v. (1) Mitie Cleaning (South East) Limited and (2) De La Rue Cash Systems Limited
Stapley and Gypsum Mines Ltd.
Stark and the Post Office
Steers v. Manton Unreported
Stephanie Baker v. Quantum Clothing Group (1st Respondent); Meridian Limited (2nd Respondent); Pretty Polly Limited (3rd Respondent)
Stephen Paul Green v. Yorkshire Traction Company Limited
Stephen Robert Parker v. P.F.C. Flooring Supplies Ltd.
Stevens (Through His Mother and Litigation Friend) and County Borough of Blaenau Gwent
Stoddart v. Oxfordshire Magistrates Court
Stoke-on-Trent Council v. W. and J. Wass Ltd.
Stokes v. Guest, Keen and Nettlefold (Bolts and Nuts) Ltd.
Storey v. Ashton
Stovin (Plaintiff) and Wise (Respondent), Norfolk County Council (Third Party)
Strathclyde Regional Council v. Tudhope Unreported
Street and Another v. British Electricity Authority and Another
Sturges v. Bridgman Unreported
Sudager Singh Gill v. Kraft Jacobs Suchard Limited
Summer Braithwaite v. Homerton University Hospitals Foundation Trust
Summers and Son Ltd. v Frost
Sumner v. R. L. Priestly Ltd.
Sumner v. William Henderson and Sons Ltd.
Sunley Homes Ltd v. Borg
Surrey Police v. Marshall
Susan Pakenham-Walsh and Connell Residential (Private Unlimited Company) & Another
Sussex Ambulance NHS Trust and Anthony Henry King
Sutcliffe v. Clients Investment Company Limited
Sutherland v. Hatton
Suzanne Bunning and G T Bunning and Sons Ltd.
Suzanne Kay Vahidi v. Fairstead House School Trust Ltd
Sweet and Parsley
Tamares (Vincent Square) Ltd v. Fairpoint Properties (Vincent Square) Ltd
Tameside and Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust v. Lee Carl Thompstone (A Child by his Mother and Litigation Friend, Heather Brindley) - and Others
Tanya Jane Tindale (Plaintiff/Respondent) v. J Barbour & Sons Ltd. (Defendant/Appellant)
Taylor v. F. C. Sayers and Another
Tedstone v. Bourne Leisure Ltd. (t/a Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa)
Terence Joseph Griffiths v. Vauxhall Motors Limited
Terrence Michael Clark Claimant v. Hosier and Dickson Limited First Defendant/Part 20 Defendant/respondent and Method and Madness (A Registered Charity) Second Defendant/Part 20 Claimant/Appellant
Terry Hammond v. Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis First Defendant/First Appellant Metropolitan Police Authority Second Defendant/Second Appellant Master South London Ltd. Third Defendant
Tesco Supermarkets Ltd. v. Nattrass
The Attorney-General (at the Relation of the Corporation of Tamworth and the Tamworth Rural District Council); and Birmingham, Tame, and Rea District Drainage Board
The Chief Constable of Northumbria v. Costello
The Crown and Jarvis Facilities Ltd
The Joint Committee of the River Ribble v. Halliwell - The Same v. Shorrock
The Queen v. Waterhouse and Others, Justices of the West Riding of Yorkshire
Thomas John Evans v. Currall Lewis & Martin Ltd. and McDonalds Transport
Thompson  v. Smiths Shiprepairers (North Shields) Ltd - [1981 T. No. 2418] Gray  v Same - [1981 G. No. 2086] Nicholson v. Same - [1981 N. No. 1375] (Group A) - Blacklock  v. Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd - [1981 B. No. 1520] Waggott v. Same - [1982 W. No. 417] Mitchell  v. Vickers Armstrong Ltd. and Another - [1982 M. No. 937] (Group B)
Todd and Davison
Tomlinson (FC) (Original Respondent and Cross-Appellant) v. Congleton Borough Council and Others (Original Appellants and Cross-Respondents)
Tovey and Another v. R (2005)
Transco plc and David Charles Griggs
Transco plc v. Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Travers v. Gloucester Corporation and Others
Tremain v. Pike and Another
Trevor Boyce v. (1) Wyatt Engineering (2) S J Tapsell Limited (3) Black & Veatch Limited
Trevor Stronach v. Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
Trott v. W. E. Smith (Erectors) Ltd
Uddin v. Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd (APCM)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland v. Council of the European Union (Supported by Kingdom of Spain, Commission of the European Communities and Kingdom of Belgium, Interveners)
Upton and Great Central Railway Company
Upton v. Hipgrave Brothers and Another
Vella v. London Borough of Lambeth and London and Quadrant Housing Trust
Vellino v. Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police
Vibixa Ltd. v. Komori UK Ltd. and Others; Polestar Jowetts Ltd.
Vineer v. C. Doidge and Sons Ltd. P. G. W. Holdings Ltd., Third Parties
Volex Group plc and Jane Wilson Evans
Walker v. Northumberland County Council
Walkin v. South Manchester Health Authority
Walley v. Stoke on Trent City Council
Walsh v. Holst and Co. Ltd. and Others
Wardell v. Kent County Council
Watkins v. Secretary of State for the Home Office and Others
Wayne John Coxall and Goodyear Great Britain Limited
Wealden DC v. Hollings Unreported
Wellingborough BC v. Gordon
Wenda Betts v. Anthony Tokley
Wendy Susan Lewis v. Avidan Limited Trading as High Meadow Nursing Home
West Cumberland By Products Ltd. v. Director of Public Prosecutions
West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board v. Robinson Brothers
Westcott v. Structural and Marine Engineers Ltd
Westminster City Council v. Select Management Ltd
Westminster City Council v. Select Management Ltd
Westwood and Another and the Post Office
Wheat and E. Lacon and Co. Ltd.
White and Others and Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police and Others (On Appeal from Frost v. Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police)
White v. Jones
Whitten v. Army and Navy Stores Limited
Wigley v. British Vinegars Ltd
Wilkinson v. Ancliff (B.L.T.) Ltd.
William Bate Ltd v. Stackhouse
William Majrowski and Guy's and St. Thomas's NHS Trust
William Percy Anderson v. Newham College of Further Education
Williams v. West Wales Plant Hire Co. Ltd. and Others
Williams v. Whitbread Beer Co. Ltd.
Willson v. Ministry of Defence and Another
Wilson's and Clyde Coal Company Limited v. English
Wingrove v. Prestige and Sons Ltd.
Wivenhoe Port Ltd. v. Colchester Borough Council Unreported
Wood v. United Kingdom
Wright v. Ford Motor Co. Ltd.
Yorkshire Traction Company Limited and Walter Searby
Young v. South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council and Others
Yvonne Charles v. Cardiff County Council
Yvonne Mary Naylor and Volex Wiring Group plc (Sued as Volex Wiring Systems Limited)

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