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GMB Britain's General Union is part of the Occupational Health & Safety Information Service's online subscription. Bringing you a comprehensive selection of legislation, regulations, guidance, standards, including BSI and best practice which is updated daily, you can find documents on a wide range of subject areas such as Food & Drink, Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Fire & Offshore Safety.

Occupational Health & Safety Information Service Benefits at a Glance:
  • Comprehensive Content - updated every six hours, content is sourced from an extensive range of key publishers
  • High Quality Documents - presented in true PDF to enable rapid file download and faster desktop processing
  • Document Summaries - time saver summaries saving users from having to scan full text documents in their search for The Right One
  • Flexible Searching - searching across all Health & Safety products with results displaying the most relevant documents at the top of the list, users also have the ability to refine their search results
  • Health & Safety Made Easy - easy to understand summaries on key subject areas, compliance checklists and slides which users can include in their own Power Point presentations
  • Case Law Abstracts - summaries of key cases
  • Briefing Services - the first step in email alerting, our monthly NewsBrief delivers the latest industry news, hot topics, legislation watch and more

Documents supplied by GMB Britain's General Union

A Guide for GMB Safety Representatives - Work-Related Stress
Administration of Medicines in Schools
An Introduction to the Issue of Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence Supporting Women in the Workplace
Asbestos - Let's Take Control - A GMB Guide for Safety Representatives on the Duty to Manage Asbestos
Asbestos is Still a Killer - Asbestos in Buildings
At the Sharp End
Campaigning for Better Health and Safety - Cleaners
Campaigning for Better Health and Safety - Kitchen and Canteens
Care Home Staff - Campaigning for Better Health and Safety
Considerations for the Use of Vehicles in the Waste and Recycling Industry
Domestic Violence as a Workplace Issue - Winning Hearts and Minds (Contains Draft Agreement)
Don't Bin Your Back - The Report of the SITA/GMB Back in Work Project - Main Report
GMB Briefing and Update on the EU Chemicals Policy Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH)
GMB Guide - Chemical Safety
GMB Guide - Clinical Waste Disposal
GMB Guide - Don't take the Strain - Work Related Upper Limb Disorders - Tackling TENO - The Continuing Story
GMB Guide - Feeling the Heat
GMB Guide - GMB Safety Representatives Guide to Manual Handling
GMB Guide - Health and Safety - Stitchy Fingers
GMB Guide - Health and Safety and Home Care Staff
GMB Guide - Health and Safety for Airport Workers
GMB Guide - Health and Safety for Cleaners
GMB Guide - Health and Safety for Contractors
GMB Guide - Health and Safety for School Support Staff
GMB Guide - Health and Safety for Young Workers
GMB Guide - Health and Safety in Call Centres
GMB Guide - Health and Safety in Kitchens
GMB Guide - Health and Safety in the Care Sector
GMB Guide - Health and Safety in the Retail Sector
GMB Guide - Working Safely in the Furniture Industry
GMB Guide - Working Together - Personal Protective Equipment
GMB Guide to Health and Safety for Security Workers
GMB Guide to Working Alone
GMB Safety Representatives - Making your Workplace Safer
GMB Safety Representatives Guide to Risk Assessment
Getting Action on RSI - A Guide for GMB Safety Representatives
Getting Action on Work-Related Stress - A Guide for GMB Safety Representatives
Guidance on Skin Care in the Workplace During the Summer Months
Health and Safety Inspection Check List
Health and Safety Inspection Checklist
Health and Safety Matters 01: Revitalising Health and Safety
Health and Safety Matters 04: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Must Be Free
Health and Safety Matters 05: Protective Gloves and Working with Chemicals
Health and Safety Matters 09: Health and Safety of Portable Display Screen Equipment
Health and Safety Matters 10: Young People at Work, A Guide for Employers
Health and Safety Matters 11: Preventing Legionnaires' Disease
Health and Safety Matters 12: Catering
Health and Safety Matters 13: Forestry Industry
Health and Safety Matters 34: Tackling Violence at Work
Health and Safety Matters 39: New HSE Guidance on how Employers should help Pregnant Women
Health and Safety Matters 40: Worker Safety Advisor Pilot a Success
Health and Safety Matters 41: New Guidance on using Computers and Preventing RSI
Health and Safety Matters 44: New HSE Guidance on Preventing Injuries to Cleaners
Health and Safety Matters 45: New Tool for Tackling Stress
Health and Safety Matters 46: Feeling the Heat? - Seasonal Advice for GMB Safety Representatives
Health and Safety Matters 47: European Week of Safety and Health - Dangerous Substances
Health and Safety Matters 49: Mobile Phones and Driving
Health and Safety Matters 50: New Year - New Accident Book
Health and Safety School Support Staff - Support Staff are Taking on Duties Over and Above what they are Paid for, are Working More Hours and are having More Contact with Pupils. GMB, Britain's General Union, is the Union for all School Support Staff. GMB Represents a Growing Number of School Support Staff Including Caretakers/Site Managers, Playground Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Catering Staff, Special Needs Assistants, Cleaners, Admin Officers, Clerical Assistants, Bursers, Technical and Laboratory Staff, Mid Day Supervisors, Technicians, Nursery Nurses, Co-Educators
Health and Safety for Cleaners
Health and Safety for Legal Aid
Health and Safety for School Support Staff
Health and Safety for School Support Staff - Support Staff are Taking on Duties Over and Above What They are Paid For, Are Working More Hours and Are Having More Contact With Pupils
Health and Safety in Hotel and Catering
I Think that there is Asbestos in my Workplace - What Should I do?
Managing Workplace Transport Risk - A Route Map
New Noise at Work Regulations
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Organising Around Health and Safety in the Workplace - Health and Safety
Organising with Health and Safety in a Multicultural Work Place
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
Review of RIDDOR - GMB Response
Smoking in Casinos Survey - Are London Casino Workers Concerned about Exposure to Other People's Tobacco Smoke at Work?
The GMB Approach to Management Standards on Stress
Warehouse Safety
Waste Industry - Health and Safety - Refuse Collection
What are the Maximum and Minimum Temperatures for Working?
What are the Weight Lifting Limits for Males and Females?
What is the Law on Toilets and Washing Facilities?
Working Well Together - Health and Safety for Women
Working at Heights

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