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Scottish Parliament, The

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Scottish Parliament, The is part of the Occupational Health & Safety Information Service's online subscription. Bringing you a comprehensive selection of legislation, regulations, guidance, standards, including BSI and best practice which is updated daily, you can find documents on a wide range of subject areas such as Food & Drink, Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Fire & Offshore Safety.

Occupational Health & Safety Information Service Benefits at a Glance:
  • Comprehensive Content - updated every six hours, content is sourced from an extensive range of key publishers
  • High Quality Documents - presented in true PDF to enable rapid file download and faster desktop processing
  • Document Summaries - time saver summaries saving users from having to scan full text documents in their search for The Right One
  • Flexible Searching - searching across all Health & Safety products with results displaying the most relevant documents at the top of the list, users also have the ability to refine their search results
  • Health & Safety Made Easy - easy to understand summaries on key subject areas, compliance checklists and slides which users can include in their own Power Point presentations
  • Case Law Abstracts - summaries of key cases
  • Briefing Services - the first step in email alerting, our monthly NewsBrief delivers the latest industry news, hot topics, legislation watch and more

Documents supplied by Scottish Parliament, The

Audit Committee - 8th Report, 2004 (Session 2) - Overview of the National Health Service in Scotland 2002-03
Environment and Rural Development Committee - 4th Report, 2003 (Session 2) Volume 1: Report - Inquiry into the National Waste Plan
Environment and Rural Development Committee - 5th Report, 2005 (Session 2) - Report on Inquiry into Climate Change
Environment and Rural Development Committee - 8th Report, 2004 - Report on Subordinate Legislation
Environment and Rural Development Committee Report - 14th Report, 2004 (Session 2) - Report on Subordinate Legislation
Environmental and Rural Development Committee - 13th Report, 2005 (Session 2): Stage 1 Report on the Environmental Levy on Plastic Bags (Scotland) Bill - Volume I Report - Scottish Parliament Papers 464
Environmental and Rural Development Committee Report - 14th Report, 2006 (Session 2) - Volume I: Report
Policy Memorandum - Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill
Rural Affairs and Environment Committee - 2nd Report 2008: Flooding and Flood Management
Rural Affairs and Environment Committee - Letter from Cabinet Secretary on Scottish Handling of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)
SPICe Briefing 04/100: Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Bill - Smoking Ban in Certain Wholly Enclosed Public Places
SPICe Briefing 04/26: Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill - As Amended at Stage 2
SPICe Briefing 04/30: Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)
SPICe Briefing 04/31: Emergency Workers (Scotland) Bill
SPICe Briefing 04/39: The Prohibition of Smoking in Regulated Areas (Scotland) Bill
SPICe Briefing 04/40: Organic Farming Subsidies
SPICe Briefing 04/44: Antisocial Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2 Amendments - Registration of Private Landlords
SPICe Briefing 04/46: Strategic Environmental Assessment
SPICe Briefing 04/49: Water Services etc (Scotland) Bill
Scottish Parliament Official Report - Environment and Rural Development Committee - Session 2, 2004 - Meeting 27 Wednesday 10 November 2004

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