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Transport Research Laboratory is part of the Occupational Health & Safety Information Service's online subscription. Bringing you a comprehensive selection of legislation, regulations, guidance, standards, including BSI and best practice which is updated daily, you can find documents on a wide range of subject areas such as Food & Drink, Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Fire & Offshore Safety.

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Documents supplied by Transport Research Laboratory

A Study of Front-Mounted Bicycle Racks on Buses - Prepared for Charging and Local Transport Division, Department for Transport
A Study of Front-Mounted Bicycle Racks on Buses Summary
A Survey of Mobile Phone Use by Drivers, April 2004
Behaviour of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) -Type Vehicles in Collisions with Roadside Safety Barriers
Blood Alcohol Levels in Road Accident Fatalities for 2004 in Great Britain
Blood Alcohol Levels in Road Accident Fatalities for 2005 in Great Britain
Conversations in Cars - The Relative Hazards of Mobile Phones
Cross-Modal Safety - Risk and Public Perceptions - Phase 2 Report
Current Topic 100.3: Vehicle Tyres - Design and Safety - Update (2005-2007)
Current Topic 123.3: Driver Risk Perception - Update (2005-2009)
Current Topic 138.3: Railway Safety - Update (2007-2009)
Current Topic 145.3: Sustainable Development - Update (2007-2009)
Current Topic 154.1: Intelligent Transport Systems and Environment Protection - Update (2004-2009)
Current Topic 161: Carriageway Marking (2006-2009)
Current Topic 162: Intelligent Speed Management (2006-2009)
Current Topic 2.5: Cycling safety update 2007-2009
Current Topic 21.5: Noise and Vibration from Traffic - Update (2008-2009)
Current Topic 22.4: Transport for the Disabled and Elderly Update (2004-2007)
Current Topic 23.3: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - Update (2004-2007)
Current Topic 29.6: Electronic Route Guidance - Update (2006-2008)
Current Topic 35.5: Winter Maintenance - Update (2006-2009)
Current Topic 42.4: Alcohol, Drugs and Driving Update (2005-2007)
Current Topic 45.5: Child Safety on the Road Update (2004-2007)
Current Topic 48.4: Crashworthiness - Vehicle Structure and Safety Update (2005-2007)
Current Topic 49.4: Motorcycle Safety Update (2004-2007)
Current Topic 5.4: Vehicle Emissions and Pollution Update (2006-2007)
Current Topic 52.4: Environmental Impact Assessment Studies - Update (2007-2009)
Current Topic 54.4: Lorries and the Environment - Update (2005-2009)
Current Topic 55.3: Transport of Hazardous Goods - Update (2005-2009)
Current Topic 75.5: Safety Barriers - Update (2005-2008)
Current Topic 76.4: Elderly Drivers - Update (2004-2007)
Current Topic 8.4: Congestion - Update (2006-2007)
Current Topic 84.4: Speed and Road Accidents - Update (2006-2008)
Current Topic 87.3: Bus and Coach Safety Update (2004-2006)
Current Topic 87.4: Bus and Coach Safety - Update (2007-2010)
Current Topic 92.4: Highway Drainage and Construction - Update (2006-2009)
Current Topic 96.4: Collision Avoidance System Update (2004-2007)
Cycle Facilities and Engineering - Summary of TRL Research
Cycle Helmet Wearing in 2004
Cycling in Bus Lanes
Cyclist Safety at Road Works
Development and Evaluation of the Work-Related Road Safety CD-ROM
Hit and run Accidents 1990-2002
How Dangerous is Driving with a Mobile Phone? Benchmarking the Impairment to Alcohol
How Methods and Levels of Policing Affect Road Casualty Rates
Insight Report - Driver distraction from in-vehicle sources - a review of TRL research
Insight Report - How can we produce safer new drivers?
Insight Report - Increasing the Environmental Sustainability of Asphalt
Maximising the Use of Recycled and Secondary Aggregates - Examples from Hampshire
Mobile Phone Use by Drivers 2003-2005
Mobile Phone Use by Drivers 2005-2007
Mobile Phone Use by Drivers, 2000-03
Mobile Phone Use by Drivers, 2004-2006
Monitoring Progress Towards the 2010 Casualty Reduction Target - 2004 Data
Monitoring Progress Towards the 2010 Casualty Reduction Target - 2005 Data
Monitoring Progress Towards the 2010 Casualty Reduction Target - 2007 Data
Motorcycle Safety - A Scoping Study
Project Report - Measures to Reduce the Frequency of Over-Height Vehicles Striking Bridges - Final Report
Project Report PR/SE/556/02: The Safety of Wheelchair Occupants in Road Passenger Vehicles
Published Project Report 080: Tyre Bales in Construction
Published Project Report 096: The Heavy Vehicle Crash Injury Study (HVCIS) Project Report
Published Project Report 103: A New Approach for Evaluating the Sound Propagation from a Moving Vehicle Tyre Using Boundary Element Methods
Published Project Report 157: A Review of In-Vehicle Sleepiness Detection Devices
Published Project Report 171: Development of a Risk Analysis Model for Footways and Cycletracks
Published Project Report 172: Trends in Fatal Car Accidents - Analyses of Co-Operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) Data
Published Project Report 178: M27 Trial of Highway Noise Barriers as Solar Energy Generators
Published Project Report 194: Evaluating Congestion Caused by Abnormal Loads - Final Report
Published Project Report 196: Modelling Congestion Caused by Abnormal Loads
Published Project Report 202: Characteristics of Vehicles Producing Excessive Noise and Ground-Borne Vibration - Phase 1
Published Project Report 205: Early Life Skid Resistance - an Assessment of Accident Risk
Published Project Report 206: International Comparison of Roundabout Design Guidelines
Published Project Report 211: Low Energy Rear Impact Tests Using RID3D, BioRID II and Hybrid III for European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee (EEVC) Working Group 12
Published Project Report 212: Motorcycle Helmets: Test and Assessment Protocol Prove Out
Published Project Report 213: Assessment of Current Bicycle Helmets for the Potential to Cause Rotational Injury
Published Project Report 223: New and Improved Accident Reconstruction Techniques for Modern Vehicles Equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems
Published Project Report 223: Sustainable Choice of Materials for Highway Works - A Guide for Local Authority Highway Engineers
Published Project Report 230: A Review of Abatement Measures for Non-Exhaust Particulate Matter from Road Vehicles
Published Project Report 231: Non-Exhaust Particulate Matter Emissions from Road Traffic - Summary Report
Published Project Report 237: New Methods for Assessing Facial Injury Risk, Phase 1
Published Project Report 239: Puffin Crossing Operation and Behaviour Study
Published Project Report 240: Behaviour at Cycle Advanced Stop Lines
Published Project Report 241: Factors Influencing Pedestrian Safety - A Literature Review
Published Project Report 246: Characteristics of Vehicles Producing Excessive Noise and Ground-Borne Vibration - Phase 2
Published Project Report 247: Review of Road Safety Good Practice in English Local Authorities
Published Project Report 248: Review of International Road Safety Good Practice
Published Project Report 258: Development of Improved Global Harmonised Side Impact Test Procedures - Final Report
Published Project Report 260: Compatibility and Frontal Impact Test Procedures - Additional Work to Support Vehicle Crash Compatibility (VC-Compat) - Final Report
Published Project Report 267: A Review of Instantaneous Emission Models for Road Vehicles
Published Project Report 268: An Evaluation of Instantaneous Emission Models
Published Project Report 269: The Links Between Micro-Scale Traffic, Emission and Air Pollution Models
Published Project Report 270: Scoping Study on the Potential for Instantaneous Emission Modelling - Summary Report
Published Project Report 275: Development of a Human Factors Road Safety Assessment Tool - Interim Report
Published Project Report 285: Longer and/or Longer and Heavier Goods Vehicles (LHVs) - A Study of the Effects if Permitted in the UK - Final Report
Published Project Report 292: A Review of Simplified Streetscape Schemes
Published Project Report 298: The Travel of Errant Vehicles After Leaving the Carriageway
Published Project Report 299: Automated Detection of Fretting on Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) Surfaces
Published Project Report 302: Performance of an Interseasonal Heat Transfer Facility for Collection, Storage, and Re-Use of Solar Heat from the Road Surface
Published Project Report 304: Recycled Asphalt in Surfacing Materials - A Case Study of Carbon Dioxide Emission Savings
Published Project Report 310: Adaptive Vehicle Structures for Secondary Safety
Published Project Report 315: Measuring Skid Resistance Without Contact
Published Project Report 333: Evaluation of Dummies for Low-Speed Rear Impact 'Whiplash' Testing - Final Report
Published Project Report 353: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 1: A Review of Methods for Determining Hot Exhaust Emission Factors for Road Vehicles
Published Project Report 354: A Reference Book of Driving Cycles for Use in the Measurement of Road Vehicle Emissions
Published Project Report 355: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 2: A Review of the Average-Speed Approach for Estimating Hot Exhaust Emissions
Published Project Report 356: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 3: Exhaust Emission Factors for Road Vehicles in the United Kingdom
Published Project Report 357: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 4: A Review of Methodologies for Modelling Cold-Start Emissions
Published Project Report 358: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 5: A Review of the Effects of Fuel Properties on Road Vehicle Emissions
Published Project Report 359: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 6: Deterioration Factors and Other Modelling Assumptions for Road Vehicles
Published Project Report 360: Emission Factors 2009 - Report 7: A Review of the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) Methodology for Modelling Evaporative Emissions
Published Project Report 361: Emission Factors 2009 - Final Summary Report
Published Project Report 367: The Effect of Text Messaging on Driver Behaviour - A Simulator Study
Published Project Report 395: Life Cycle Assessment of the Use of Solid Waste Materials in Highway Construction
Published Project Report 397: An Evaluation of Options for Road Safety Beyond 2010
Published Project Report 399: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2008/09
Published Project Report 407: Local Air Quality Management Further Assessment at Olney
Published Project Report 413: The Relationship Between Driver Fatigue and Rules Limiting Hours of Driving and Work
Published Project Report 417: Factors Influencing Energy Performance of Modern Conservatories
Published Project Report 432: A Future 'Quiet Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)' Permissive Certification Scheme - Phase 1 Report
Published Project Report 442: Passion, Performance, Practicality - Motorcyclists' Motications and Attitudes to Safety - Motorcycle Safety Research Project
Published Project Report 443: A Review of Current Research on Road Surface Noise Reduction Techniques
Published Project Report 446: The Potential for Cycle Helmets to Prevent Injury - A Review of the Evidence
Published Project Report 448: Enhanced Levels of Reclaimed Asphalt in Surfacing Materials - A Case Study Evaluating Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Published Project Report 486: Commercial Vehicle Safety Priorities - Ranking of Future Priorities in the UK - Based on Detailed Analysis of Data from 2006-2008
Published Project Report 490 Technical Annex: The Acoustic Durability of Timber Noise Barriers on England's Strategic Road Network
Published Project Report 490: The Acoustic Durability of Timber Noise Barriers on England's Strategic Road Network
Published Project Report 509: Review of Diesel Spillage Clean-Up Procedures
Published Project Report 514: Sideguards on Heavy Goods Vehicles - Assessing the Effects on Pedal Cyclists Injured by Trucks Overtaking or Turning Left
Published Project Report 515: Investigating the Real-World Effectiveness of Introducing Mandatory Fitment of Front Underrun Protection to Heavy Goods Vehicles
Published Project Report 516: A Preliminary Analysis of the Risks and Benefits of Selected Vehicle Safety Interventions for Accidents Involving Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) or Minibuses
Published Project Report 517: Rear Underrun Protection for Heavy Goods Vehicles - The Potential Effects of Changes to the Minimum Technical Requirements
Published Project Report 518: HGV Cab Strength - Investigating the Casualty Reduction Effects of Potential Regulatory Changes
Published Project Report 521: Cross-Modal Safety - Risk and Public Perceptions - Phase 1 Report
Published Project Report 60: The Early Life Skid Resistance of Asphalt Surfaces.
Published Project Report PPR026: Accident Analysis on Rural Roads - A Technical Guide
Published Project Report PPR034: Harmonise Prediction Model for Road Traffic Noise
Published Project Report PPR035: Traffic Signal Controlled Pedestrian Crossing on High-Speed Roads
Published Project Report PPR038: The Effects of Traffic Management Schemes on Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Published Project Report PPR039: System for Conducting Heavy Vehicles Emission Estimates (SCHEME) Model Version 1.0: User Guide
Published Project Report PPR044: An Examination of Vehicle Noise Test Procedures
Published Project Report PPR046: Noise Barrier Review
Published Project Report PPR047: Traffic Noise Reduction Toolkit
Published Project Report PPR059: An Evaluation of Energy Drinks Containing Glucose and Caffeine, Using the TRL Driving Simulator
Published Project Report PPR061: The Validity and Reliability of the Stroke Drivers Screening Assessment
Published Project Report PPR064: Returning to Driving Following a Head Injury or Amputation - Results of a Drivers' Survey
Published Project Report PPR077: Tyre/Road Noise - Assessment of the Existing and Proposed Tyre Noise Limits
Published Project Report PPR078: Criteria for the Automatic Operation of Stop Lamps - Volume 2: Final Report Appendices
Published Project Report PPR086: Heavy Vehicle Wheel Detachment - Frequency of Occurrence, Current Best Practice and Potential Solutions
Published Project Report PPR091: Guidelines for Safe and Effective Vehicle Routing
Published Project Report PPR109: Road Traffic Characteristics, Driving Patterns and Emission Factors for Congested Situations
Published Project Report PPR112: Vertec - Final Project Report for the DfT
Published Project Report PPR126: Instantaneous Vehicle Emission Monitoring
Published Project Report PPR130: Post-Incident Recovery in Highway Tunnels - Achieving Best Practice
Published Project Report PPR137: Optimised Expert System for Conducting Environmental Assessment of Urban Road Traffic (OSCAR) - Final Summary Report
Published Project Report PPR139: Access to Air Travel for Disabled People - 2005 Monitoring Study
Published Project Report PPR140: Ventilation During Road Tunnel Emergencies
Published Project Report PPR143: Driver Behaviour in Response to Actively Illuminated Road Studs - A Simulator Study
Published Project Report PPR148: Surface Texture Measurement on Local Roads
Published Project Report PPR159: Investigation into 'A' Pillar Obscuration - A Study to Quantify the Problem Using Real World Data
Published Project Report PPR161: Accidents Involving Powered Two Wheeler Vehicles on the Trunk Road Network
Published Project Report PPR162: Understanding Why Objects Are Thrown at Traffic
Published Project Report PPR169: Pollutant Removal Ability of Grassed Surface Water Channels and Swales - Literature Review and Identification of Potential Monitoring Sites
Published Project Report PPR170: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) - A Review of the Reports form the European Commission
Published Project Report PPR173: Development of a Speed Limit Strategy for the Highways Agency - Proposed Strategy
Restraint Use by Car Occupants 2003-2005
Road Note 39: Design Guide for Road Surface Dressing - 6th Edition
Road Note 43: Best Practice Guide for Recycling into Surface Course
TRL Report 661: The Manual for Streets: Evidence and Research
TRL Report 665: Observation Technologies for Drivers with Restricted Head or Trunk Movement
TRL Road Note 39: Design Guide for Road Surface Dressing
The Accident Risk of Motorcyclists - Report
The Attitudes and Behaviour of Adolescent Road Users - An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
The Effect of Road Narrowings on Cyclists
The Effects of Bus Gangway Steps on Accessibility - Unpublished Project Report - Final Report
The Effects of the National Drivers Improvement Scheme on Re-Offending Rates - Prepared for Road Safety Strategy Division, Department for Transport
The Safety of Fleet Car Drivers: A Review
The Use of Mobile Phones while Driving - A Review
Traffic Management and Air Quality - Realistic Driving Cycles for Traffic Management Schemes
Viridis Report 2: Tyre Waste and Resource Management - A Mass Balance Approach
Viridis Report 3: The Status of Post-Consumer Tyres in the European Union
Viridis Report 5: Civil Engineering Applications of Tyres
Viridis Report 7: Best Integrated Transport Options for Waste in Scotland
Work-Related Road Accidents
Young Adolescent Pedestrians' and Cyclists' Road Deaths - Analysis of Police Accident Files - Prepared for Road Safety Division, Department for Transport

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