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Title: Improving air quality in urban environments
Subtitle: Guidance for the construction industry

Ref Code: BR474
Authors: V Kukadia and D Hall

Abstract1: An introduction to the issues that the building design project team will need to be aware of when considering building developments and refurbishment projects. It focuses on outdoor pollution and sustainability, and provides guidance on how to address air quality issues during the design and construction process. Air quality is an issue that building design teams, developers and contractors increasingly will need to consider when planning a new development or refurbishment project. With increasing levels of pollution in urban areas, the need to improve air quality is increasing. In response, local authority planning and environmental health departments are demanding that those who specify, design or construct buildings should minimise pollution emitted during construction and the building's subsequent use, and the amount that infiltrates the building.



Year Published: 2004

ISBN: 978-1-86081-729-8


Pages: 52


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